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Too many hits. Too many clichees. Punk without rock. Rock about nothing. ... kill your idols with a baseball bat branded by NIKE. Or whatever else image marketing suggests.

Radio konterpop is a small webradio station playing mainly music from bands that are facing difficulties making their sound heard. Probably because they neither serve mainstream nor the different scene clichees. This station should be a platform to make their music audible and support their work. Anystyle/Antipose. Or just as good.
Radio konterpop is non-commercial and totally free to you. Anyway it isn't free to me - so i choose the songs played after my own personal taste. If you like this music, you are welcome to revisit, since the playlist will grow over time.
You can jump to an artist homepage or download the track you are currently listening to directly from the player with one click. Things on the web can be simple, if they focus content, not money.

This site is currently in beta state. Things are still about to change and i appreciate any suggestions for improvements. Further features may include:
- visually pimped player
- player location in small popup
- simple player integration for foreign sites
- minimized player version
- more functionality for playlist module
- forum as a communication platform



You can listen to radio konterpop simply by visiting this site since it contains the player at its top. An alternative to integrate the player into your own website is under development. Next to the current Flash Plugin and activated Javascript no further software is needed. Anyway you will need a fast internet connection to play the streams.

See this image for an explanation of all buttons of the player.



If you are a musician yourself and think your sound should be featured on radio konterpop, feel free to contact me at: []. This also applies if you like to be listed in the [links] section.



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Small label for lowfi and electronic experiments (Cologne).

Italian netlabel for great electronics.

Great netlabel from Dortmund, Germany.

Small label run by Andreas of Kuennecke & Smukal.

Rocking label community.

Label for home-made music.

Distile records
Great versatile stuff.

Home of BamBamBabylon Bajasch and the whole fresh Cologne Grime/HipHop/Breakdance movement.



Festival series for extreme music in Cologne.

News from the european squat scene.

The Brain
Radio show from France.

Festival in Barcelona.



This site requires the Adobe Flash PlugIn and JavaScript enabled. Download the plugin for free [HERE]. Furthermore you should access this site with at least a 1MBit connection for gapless playback.
radio konterpop is run and programmed by
[leif rumbke] / [planneun]


Updated: Thursday, Dec 27th, 2007.